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Company name change

Became a group company of Kihara Co., Ltd. in April 2020, and on September 29, 2020.

Former company name `` Preservation Technologies Japan Co., Ltd.''

The new company name has been changed to "Kihara Preservation Co., Ltd."


What is acid paper?

In 19th century Europe, mass paper and mass printing technologies are rapidly developing to meet the rapidly increasing demand for printed matter. As a result, chemically treated wood pulp became the main raw material for paper. In addition, a technology (rosin sizing) has been developed in which aluminum sulfate (sulfuric acid band) is added in the papermaking process in order to fix the bleeding inhibitor that prevents bleeding on paper even when printing with soft ink in high-speed printing. It was. As a result, so-called "acid paper" such as printing paper and newspaper paper, which are made from fibers (wood pulp) that are much shorter than Japanese paper and have acidic properties by nature, will become widespread all over the world. It is said that the production of acid-free paper gradually became active in Japan from the 20s of the Meiji era, and then "acid-free paper", which has a low risk of deterioration of paper quality due to acidification, became widespread in the 1980s.


Deoxidation and deacidification

The service we provide is "deacidification" that neutralizes the acidity of acid paper, which is called "Deacidification" in English. By the way, this "deoxidation" is sometimes abbreviated as "deoxidation", but I think that "deoxidation" originally meant "Deoxidation", that is, "deoxidation". However, in recent dictionaries, "Deacidification" is often translated as "deacidification", and the word "deacidification" tends to be established as a translation of "Deacidification". However, the expression "deacidification" is more accurate when it comes to neutralizing acid paper. In this way, our bookkeeper deacidification treatment is not a treatment to prevent "oxidation" of paper, but a technology to delay the deterioration rate due to "acidification".

HP renewal

・ The site was renewed on 2020 Nov.

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