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Implementation process

Materials stored in libraries, archives, museums, etc. are constantly deteriorating, and such mass deacidification treatment of paper is one of the indispensable material preservation measures. When carrying out this process, it is first necessary to confirm the necessary preparations and specific processes in advance. Please refer to the following and contact us when considering the introduction of bookkeeper deacidification treatment.

Confirmation of basic matters / preparation in advance

  1. Please contact us for an overview of the features and process of the bookkeeper deacidification process.

  2. Costs and work periods vary depending on the target material and shape, such as books, official documents, and handwritten materials.

  3. Please consider the priority of materials that require deacidification treatment (long-term storage) and the scope of deacidification treatment.

  4. Please prepare a list of arrangement order (Excel, etc.) of materials for which deacidification treatment is desired.

Confirmation of condition inspection work

  1. Prepare a condition check list (Excel) based on the arrangement order list in advance, and bring your notebook PC.

  2. A group of two people inspect the target material in the library and record the shape, storage condition, weight, etc. of the material in a list.
    * The number of books that can be inspected per day is about 300 to 600 for books and about 100 to 250 for books.

  3. After the work is completed, we will submit the result of the condition inspection work (excel format list, etc.) to the customer.


Cost details and implementation plan

  1. The list of results of the condition inspection work includes the target and non-target materials for deacidification treatment.

  2. The list includes the shape, material, and damage status of the target material, as well as the need for simple repairs.

  3. The status inspection work results include cost details for deacidification treatment, simple repair, transportation, etc.

  4. Please decide the ordering range from the list according to your budget, the condition of the materials, etc.



Shipment of materials (when customers ship materials)

  1. Please measure the total length of the bookshelf of the target material and inform us of the required quantity of shipping containers.

  2. Take out the target materials in the order of arrangement, store the books in a container with the back facing down, and fix both ends with cushioning material.

  3. Write the number of books stored in each container in the "Material Shipment List" and put it in the first (first) container.

  4. Please seal each container with a sealing tool, attach a cash on delivery slip to each container, and ship it to Saitama.





Implementation of deacidification treatment

  1. Each material that arrives at the factory is registered in the deacidification treatment system using a barcode.

  2. The system records simple information such as customer name, container number, damaged part of each document, etc.

  3. We will carry out simple repair work for materials that show damage that would be harmful to processing.

  4. Deacidify the product, and when the work is completed, a deacidify sticker will be attached. (Size / presence / absence can be selected)

  5. After confirming that it conforms to the quality control standards in the company, we will arrange the delivery schedule.


Return of materials

  1. When returning, ask the person in charge to count the quantity of materials and confirm that there is no excess or deficiency.

  2. If you wish, our staff will redistribute the deacidified materials on the bookshelf.

  3. Submit a quality certificate for deacidification treatment, a simple repair report (if there is a simple repair), a delivery note, etc.


  1. If you would like to try the bookkeeper deacidification process, we also offer a small trial service.

  2. We hold factory tours for specialized institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums at any time. Please contact us.

  3. Please contact us if you entrust our staff with preparatory work such as storage in a shipping container.

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