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Simple repair


For vulnerable materials whose cover or bookbinding is torn or whose bookbinding structure is damaged, we carry out simple repair work. The purpose of the simple repair performed by our company is to safely carry out the bookkeeper mass deacidification treatment. Therefore, the status quo may be maintained for minor damage that does not interfere with the treatment. We do not have specialized restoration equipment, but we carefully select safe materials and tools for paper materials and strive to take appropriate measures.

~ Removal and rebinding of corroded binding metal fittings ~

~ Repair of tears and defects ~

If the binding metal fittings such as staples are significantly corroded, or if the binding is weak even if the corrosion is slight, remove the binding metal fittings and re-bind with hemp thread or twist. For binding holes, use existing binding holes as much as possible. Materials such as those shown in the photo, which are heavily corroded and difficult to reuse, may be rebound by opening new binding holes.

As a general rule, we will repair tears and defects using Japanese paper and regular fu glue. In the case of browned acid paper, Japanese paper that is close to the color of this paper may be used.

~ Flatning ~

~ Repair binding ~

Folds and wrinkles on this paper and cover should be flattened with light moisture. In addition, for materials written in ink, check in advance whether the ink will bleed by a spot test. Tears and defects will be repaired after flattening.

We are proposing "repair binding" that repairs the binding structure while making the best use of the current cover and spine.
The repair process in the above photo is to remove the cover and remove the old spine and adhesive. Then, to adhere the linen thread with a groove on the back, cheesecloth, had made a scooter,
to re-adhere the wing portion worth of cheesecloth on the cover, it will be completed on the back paste the looking back.

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